Idag citerar vi igen

“Our inward life of pure time is sluggish or fast-flowing depending on our rate of conductivity. Just as certain metals and alloys when suitably cooled conduct electricity without generating any heat, and therefore without losing any of the energy they are carrying, so certain people may be superconductors for time. As well as experiencing time as we normally understand it, they may experience time as a larger, all encompassing dimension and so be in touch with much more than the present. Artists and gurus are, in the language of science, superconductors.

Our rate of conductivity is probably determined by an ability, learned or innate, to make the foreground into the background, so that the distractions of the everyday no longer take up our energy. Monks and contemplatives have tried to achieve this by withdrawing from the world — utter concentration, trance-like concentration, is what is needed. Passion, delirium, meditation, even out-of-body, are words we use to describe the heightened condition of superconductivity. It is certainly true that a criterion for true art, as opposed to its cunning counterfeit, is its ability to take us where the artist has been, to this other different place where we are free from the problems of gravity. When we are drawn into the art we are drawn out of ourselves. We are no longer bound by matter, matter has become what it is: empty space and light.”

Jeanette Winterson, Sexing the Cherry.

Ibland blir det så fint att man nästan börjar grina.


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