Man muckar inte med the Buffster

… särskilt inte om man har huggtänder. HUR BRA SOM HELST:

Buffy vs. Edward;


  • jonathan (June 23rd, 2009 23:30)

    Thanks for posting.

    Please help us translate and subtitle the Buffy remix into other languages so everyone can enjoy it, its super easy to do on!

  • Maria (June 24th, 2009 5:43)


  • Anna (June 24th, 2009 8:43)

    Jonathan – No problem, it’s the best thing ever! :) As for translation, the only language I speak other than English is Swedish (represented in this blog), and most Swedes don’t really need translation (also, esp. BtVS looks pretty dumb in translation, what with the poplingo and all. Twillightspeak just looks dumb, period.)

    Maria – visst? Skicka vidare :)

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